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Tetyana Nesterchuk

Tetyana Nesterchuk – arbitrator and advocate

Tetyana Nesterchuk acts as counsel and arbitrator in complex international commercial disputes in a variety of sectors, including banking, natural resources, energy, pharmaceuticals and education; with a particular interest on the effect of sanctions on arbitration. She accepts appointments under the rules of LCIA, ICC, UNCITRAL and also on an ad hoc basis.

As an arbitrator, Tetyana has had appointments under a number of applicable laws sitting as chair, sole and co-arbitrator over the last 5 years.

As counsel, Tetyana has over 10 years’ experience acting in arbitrations as well as arbitral appeals in the English courts.

She is a member of ICC Ukraine…

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"Tetyana is a great barrister with significant experience in arbitration matters"
"She is a go-to counsel, especially for matters involving Russia, Ukraine and the CIS region"
"I would highly recommend her"


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