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The International Encryption Debate: Privacy Versus Big Brother

12/06/2019 Many governments, including the United States, are attempting to restrict the use of encryption services like WhatsApp and Snapchat to allow for a…

Government Searches: The Trouble With Taint Teams

06/12/2016 When the government seizes electronically stored documents by means of a search warrant, it will often seek to set up an internal "taint" team to try…

How the FCPA Applies To Private Companies

09/05/2017 In recent years, investigations and prosecutions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) have been one of the most active areas of…

Why Do Federal Agents Still Take Interview Notes by Hand?

04/04/2016 Anyone who has attended a law school lecture in the last decade knows this sight: row after row of students typing on laptops, each taking down a…

"Mismarking": Developments In Valuation Fraud

04/10/2019 Business Crimes Bulletin Volume 27, Number 2 October 2019 "Mismarking": Developments In Valuation Fraud By Telemachus P. Kasulis One of the central…

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