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Common mistakes in choice of law and jurisdiction clauses

22/09/2015 It is very common for non English commercial counterparties to decide that a contract should be governed by English law. The English courts are very…

The Consumer Rights Act 2015: what retailers need to know

10/11/2015 Readers will be aware of the trumpeting surrounding the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA) which came into force on 1 October 2015. It aims to bring the…

Reasonable Care v. Fitness for Purpose

27/02/2018 At first glance, one may assume that a case concerning offshore windfarms would be of little interest to developers outside the energy sector. However…

Arbitration awards – time frames and delays

24/09/2015 Under the new LCIA Rules 2014, one of the aims is to increase the speed and efficiency of arbitrations. However, arbitration awards can take a long…

Who should pay for replacing flammable cladding?

23/03/2018 The first case on liability for flammable cladding provides little comfort to lessees seeking to recover the costs of repair. The call by a first…

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