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Ministry of Finance eases requirements to obtain insurer's licence in Israel

20/02/2018 With the aim of increasing competition in the insurance market, the parliamentary finance committee recently approved a proposed Ministry of...

Can insured refuse to sign discharge and release form?

03/02/2015 By signing a discharge and release form, an insured declares that it has received payment of insurance benefits from the insurer and waives any...

Does the principle of double insurance always apply?

16/06/2015 Double insurance applies when an asset is insured against one risk with more than one insurer for coincident periods. The doctrine of double…

Who is the beneficiary in a personal accident insurance policy?

17/01/2017 A plaintiff recently filed a statement of claim with the Court of Family Affairs arguing that she was entitled to receive one-quarter of the...

Supreme Court rules that electric bicycles are not motor vehicles

15/12/2020 The controversy over whether electric bicycles are motor vehicles and are hence subject to the Law of Compensation to Victims of Road Accidents...

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