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International Stars in Plagiarism Case - Sound Familiar?

06/03/2008 Michael Jackson's hit song "You Are Not Alone", written by singer-songwriter R Kelly, has been banned from broadcasts in Belgium following a...

Miffy Goes to Court: Limits of the Parody Exception to Copyright

07/09/2006 The depiction of Miffy, an internationally renowned children's book character, in the context of cocaine use sparked a dispute involving the...

Madonna Frozen Out in Plagiarism Case

02/03/2006 A Belgian court recently ruled on a plagiarism case involving the publisher of the song 'Frozen', recorded by the singer Madonna, and the Belgian...

"No Substantial Similarity, No Plagiarism": Appeal Court Puts Eminem Back on Air

21/08/2008 Rejecting a plagiarism claim in respect of US rapper Eminem's song "Cleanin’ Out My Closet", the Brussels Court of Appeal has confirmed that in the...

Online press: <i>de facto</i> immunity from criminal prosecutions

24/05/2012 The Supreme Court has held that offences committed online, such as libel in online publications, are 'press offences' for the purposes of Belgian...

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