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Balancing the Interests of Justice and Legal Certainty

23/03/2004 A recent Supreme Court decision suggests that collisions between the interests of justice and legal certainty will be resolved in favour of the...

Establishing the Facts in Ongoing Proceedings

24/06/2003 Under Latvian law the facts established in a civil case need not be proved afresh should the dispute progress further through the courts, as long...

Preliminary Ruling Sought from ECJ

05/10/2004 As Latvia is now an EU member state, the courts can apply to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for a preliminary ruling on the interpretation of...

Supreme Court Senate Confirms Limits of Appeal

19/11/2002 Recent decisions issued by Latvia's highest ruling body, the Senate of the Supreme Court, confirm that when hearing an appeal, the appellate court...

Supreme Court Issues Surprising Trademark Decision

29/06/2004 The Supreme Court has overturned a Riga District Court ruling which invalidated a trademark due to its overwhelming similarity to an existing mark...

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