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Tomislav Šunjka

Tomislav Šunjka is a founder and principal of ŠunjkaLaw, an independent, specialised and focused law firm in Serbia. Owing to his background in business law, he understands the nature of transactions, bank transfers and financial arrangements very well, which is a huge benefit to his asset tracing and asset recovery practice. He is leading and unrivalled authority on complex investigation and litigation; a strategic thinker; and a focused professional. His knowledge of foreign laws, anticorruption exterritorial laws and resources for working internationally has validated his position as a top-class player. Tomislav is an extraordinary case manager and supervisor in multi-jurisdictional cases...

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"If you need an asset recovery specialist in Serbia, Tomislav is the one you need"
"Mr Šunjka has a very creative mind and a wealth of experience"
"Tomislav's experience in relation to dispute resolution is impressive"

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