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New Rules For Property Tax Transfers In California

05/08/2021 When Proposition 19 was voted into law in Nov 2020, taking affect in Feb of 2021 - a learning curve was suddenly in effect for new homeowners and…

Prop 58 Parent-Child Exclusion Has Morphed Into Prop 19 Property Tax Breaks

02/07/2021 The Proposition 58 parent-child exclusion and other tax breaks have now changed into the Proposition 19 Parent to Child Property Tax Transfer As most…

Changes to California Property Tax Relief in 2021

07/07/2021 The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act (AKA: Prop 19) For homeowners in…

Proposition 19 Impact on CA Homeowners

07/07/2021 Proposition 19 Impact on Property Taxes in California Now that the popular Proposition 58 tax break system has changed into tax measure Proposition…

Can an Irrevocable Trust Get A Loan?

11/08/2021 As many of us who have traversed the complex trail of real estate loans and long lines of credit know - there are certain non-traditional financing…

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