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IND relaxes policy on late residence permit applications

10/08/2022 The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) recently published a message regarding the process for determining residence gaps that are caused...

Standard amounts income requirement 2023 for highly skilled migrants and Blue Card holders

21/12/2022 Every year the salary criteria for, among others, highly skilled migrants and Blue Card holders are indexed slightly. In practice this has always…

Impact of Brexit on UK nationals relocating to the Netherlands

17/03/2021 Although the United Kingdom and the European Union have found agreement in facilitating the trade of goods, nothing is provisioned for cross-border...

Thanks to an old trade agreement, British people may still be able to work in the Netherlands without a permit, and vice versa.

04/02/2021 On 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom waved the European Union off with the long-fought Brexit deal. Boris Johnson’s “Christmas present to the…

Bill set to change ancillary activities restrictions for employees

09/02/2022 The bill to implement EU Directive 2019/1152 on transparent and predictable working conditions in the Netherlands was recently submitted. The bill...

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