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Non-compete clauses in employment relations

23/02/2022 The legality and enforceability of non-compete clauses in employment relations in Israel is not regulated by any specific statute or regulation...

Employer liability in sexual harassment cases

20/04/2022 The Sexual Harassment Prevention Act defines types of conduct that constitute sexual harassment. Further, it sets out where such conduct...

Standing up for right to sit at work

04/05/2022 The Law on the Right to Sit in Employment was enacted and came into effect in 2007. According to the Law, employers must provide suitable seats for...

Fathers' parental rights in Israeli workplaces

04/01/2023 <p>🕑<i> 8 minutes </i></p><p>The idea of a family-friendly work environment is becoming increasingly popular and, as a result, it has become more...

Israeli courts clarify exceptions to Work and Rest Hours Law

19/10/2022 <p>🕑<i> 2 minutes </i></p><p>In many organisations, there is a distinction between employees based on their position as management and whether...

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