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Double Hatting

25/08/2020 Double hatting is commonly used to refer to the practice of arbitrators who also carry on other activities such as counsel or expert witness. This…

The three alternatives to determine the proper law of an Arbitration Agreement

09/06/2020 In Enka Insaat Ve Sanayi A.S. V. OOO “Insurance Company Chubb” and others [2020] EWCA Civ 574, the Court of Appeal has held (per Popplewell J.) that…

The five golden principles (FIDIC’s protection of genuinity)

11/11/2019 FIDIC’s General Conditions of Contract may be liked or disliked, but it is widely agreed upon that they are the most popular General Conditions of…

The (Civil Law) official expert vis a vis the expert witness

07/01/2021 The common law requirements that the expert witness really has expertise in that field that he/she be Independent and uninfluenced by the appointor…

EU and England : Abstract v. Concrete justice ?

31/05/2019 The Supreme Court's judgment in Vedanta offers an interesting opportunity to compare English and EU justice, by showing a substantial difference in…

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