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Supreme Court on hairstyles and discrimination

08/05/2019 An employee recently sued for damages and compensation for gender discrimination when his job application was rejected because he had long hair…

EUIPO refuses to register Burberry pattern as trademark for metaverse-related goods and services for lack of distinctive character

20/03/2023 The European Union Trademark Office (EUIPO) recently partially rejected Burberry's application to register its well-known check pattern for virtual...

Copyright owners beware! Supreme Court judgment defines author's distribution rights anew

19/09/2016 In light of a European Court of Justice ruling, the Supreme Court recently overturned its earlier interpretation of an author's exclusive distribution right in relation to his or her work of art.

Supreme Court rules on compensation for illegal GPS tracking

16/09/2020 The Supreme Court recently ruled for the first time on the issue of whether GPS tracking without an employee's consent warrants compensation for...

Posting photo in Facebook group might infringe author's right to make work available to public

14/02/2022 The Supreme Court recently assessed the conditions under which the uploading of a photo onto social media channels is not to be judged as making...

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