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Is it a Crime to Produce, Possess or Distribute AI Generated Child Pornography?

28/02/2023 AI image generators, which use cutting edge algorithms to create unique, photo-realistic images are quickly becoming popular within creative…

Whataboutism: Avoiding Topics by Raising Irrelevant Ones

12/02/2019 “Whataboutism” is a rhetorical manouvre often used by those seeking to avoid the topic at hand, and can frequently be seen in the comments section of…

COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries Have Largely Been Ignored

26/01/2023 There’s growing momentum around the acknowledgement of vaccination injuries despite them being ignored by big pharma, the medical profession, and…

The Offence of Common Assault in NSW: Section 61 of the Crimes Act 1900

24/06/2019 It has been reported that former German soccer international, and Liverpool and Newcastle Premier League midfielder, Dietmar Hamann was arrested on…

World Leaders Sign Declaration to Introduce COVID Vaccine Passports

19/11/2022 At this year’s G20 Summit in Indonesia, the twenty participating world leaders signed a declaration to introduce vaccine passports for their…

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