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Egypt Removes Customs Tariffs on Cars in 2019 in Egypt

14/12/2018 In 2001, Egypt and the EU cooperated to sign the “Euro-Mediterranean Agreement Establishing an Association between the European Communities and…

Law No 2/2018 promulgating the Law on the Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme in Egypt

19/12/2018 Parliament has recently approved a new law covering health insurance. The law is an update from more populist system which had been in place since the…

Egypt Land of Opportunities

10/10/2018 Often dubbed the mother of the world, Egypt sits at the heart of Africa pulsating with opportunity and acting as a true testimony to the importance of…

New Consumer Law 181/2018 in Egypt

14/12/2018 On September 18, 2018, President Abdel Fatah el Sisi ratified the new Consumer Protection Law, which had been approved by parliament in April of this…

Real Estate Tax Law - Law No. 117 of 2014 in Egypt

21/12/2018 In 2008, the government at the time imposed The Real Estate Tax Law (Law No. 196 of 2008) on properties used for residential or non-residential…

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