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What is vacant possession?

18/07/2011 The term “vacant possession” is used almost every day of the week by real estate professionals.

Forfeiture of commercial leases

19/07/2007 Forfeiture is an area of the law of landlord and tenant which is, in equal measure, both technical and confusing.

Walking the line – the balance between legitimate negotiation and economic duress

12/09/2011 In times of austerity, the survival of many businesses will depend on their ability to successfully renegotiate contracts; whether this be maintaining contracts on particularly favourable terms, or getting out of contracts that are no longer commercially attractive.

"Delivery" of a deed

09/06/2011 A recent court case has reminded us of the long standing concept of delivery in respect of a deed.

What is a virtual assignment?

26/04/2010 "For those who do not gambol in this arcane field and have not previously encountered a "virtual assignment", let me endeavour to explain what it is."

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