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In brief: abuse of dominance in Colombia

19/03/2020 A quick look at the key legal and regulatory provisions governing abuse of dominance in Colombia, including the types of conduct that constitute abuse and available defences.

Dominance in Colombia

29/04/2019 A structured guide to dominance in Colombia

In a nutshell: data protection, privacy and cybersecurity in Colombia

25/10/2019 A general introduction to the current state of data protection, privacy and cybersecurity in Colombia - including an overview of the law and practice, a review of the past year's developments and future prospects.

How are data protection laws enforced in Colombia?

25/10/2019 A look at public and private enforcement measures for the data protection laws and regulations in Colombia, including the extent of the authorities' powers and private litigation.

First-step analysis: dominance in Colombia

19/03/2020 Your first-step guide to the key legal and practical points surrounding dominance in Colombia, covering the definition, abuse of dominance , enforcement and other considerations.

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Márquez Barrera Castañeda Ramírez


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