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A Divorce Attorney's Thoughts on Marriage Story

19/02/2020 Interview with Marshall Waller from Feinberg & Waller You know what they say, criminal attorneys see bad people at their best and divorce lawyers see…

How Is Paternity Established in Divorce Proceedings?

09/05/2019 When a child is born during a marriage or a man demonstrates a commitment to a child he lives with, California law assumes the identity of the father…

The Impact of Fiduciary Duty during Divorce Proceedings

02/04/2019 Like a corporate partnership, marriage creates a financial relationship in which each spouse owes a fiduciary duty to the other. This requires the…

What Happens To Pets In A Divorce?

21/03/2019 Historically, pets have been treated like property in divorce, subject to the same property division rules as the family home or the car. This has…

Can a Child Custody Order Be Changed?

04/11/2019 With a divorce judgment in hand, everything might seem final. But when children are involved, there are plenty of reasons to revisit that judgment…

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