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Masahito Nakai

Masahito Nakai started practising in March 1992 and is widely recognised as one of the leading immigration lawyers in Japan. Masahito has been a lecturer and speaker on immigration law issues on numerous occasions, including at an International Bar Association (IBA) conference, an American law school, Tsukuba University, Nagoya University and foreign Chambers of Commerce in Tokyo. He is the co-author of the Guidebook for International Marriage, a book most of Japanese immigration lawyers retain on their shelves as a useful reference. He has often been interviewed by English newspapers and magazines whenever immigration problems have occurred, or at the time of law revisions.

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Masahito Nakai at Nakai Immigration Services is described by commentators as “an excellent lawyer with bountiful experience”, and is looked upon with enormous favour by sources who applaud his work with high-profile clients on complex cases.

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