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Legalization of Cannabis in Israel - Risks for Travelers and Visa applicants to the United States

03/06/2021 Legalization of cannabis is one of the platforms of the coalition of multiple parties which agreed to establish a new Israeli Government on June 02…

US visa waiver (ESTA) program for Israeli citizens on the horizon?

27/08/2021 Current backlogs for appointments for visitor visas for Israeli citizens are approximately 7 months at the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel…

Israel Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (“CIMT”) and Inadmissibility Under United States Immigration Law

30/04/2021 Under US Immigration law, the statutory grounds of inadmissibility as well as those of deportability apply to offences committed outside of the…

Entry into Israel of Business Visitors During Covid-19: Hints and Tips

14/06/2021 Israel Government regulation of entry of business visitors (who are not foreign workers or experts) is changing rapidly as a result of the spread of…

Foreign Nationals Work in West Bank Palestine

13/04/2022 We have recently been asked by many US clients of options for US and other nationals to be able to travel to Israel and work in the West Bank. The…

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