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White collar crime in the time of a pandemic - Raedas

03/04/2020 As the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic threatens economic stability and business as usual, will we see an increase in white collar crime as a…

Tax havens: Russian style - Raedas

04/03/2020 How would you picture an offshore tax haven? A Caribbean island with sandy beaches and palm trees or snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures? While you…

Risk and reward: increases in the use of facial recognition software

30/06/2020 In recent years facial recognition technology has moved from being a staple of science fiction to an everyday reality. Technology firms can now…

The value of a Norwich Pharmacal Order in asset tracing

25/11/2019 Asset tracing is a cornerstone of our business. Here the search for the proverbial “paper trail” presents constant hurdles. To unlock the financial…

The potential of financial investigation remains largely untapped

29/09/2020 Financial investigation and associated expertise are still largely unknown and vastly underused by justice and accountability actors, according to…

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