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Employment and Labour law in Denmark

28/08/2018 A structured guide to employment and labour law in Denmark

Can employees be required to keep salaries confidential?

28/10/2016 While many professional-employees unions in Denmark arrange courses on salary-negotiations, most people are still uninterested in sharing salary…

What is sexual harassment and what is flirting in the work-place?

19/01/2018 Together with approximately 100 other women from the French cultural life The French actress has set both the French government and a group of younger…

Recruitment and wage & hour law in Denmark

28/08/2018 A structured guide to background checks, recruitment and wage & hour law in Denmark

Danish Holiday Act to be brought into compliance with EU-legislation

07/11/2016 The Danish Holiday Act is under review by the Ministry of Employment. The future Holiday Act is intended to be a simpler and more modern version, in…

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