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Why You Need a Lawyer to Deal with an Unfair Dismissal Claim

10/11/2016 As an employer, dealing with misconduct or under-performing employees is complex and fraught with legal and financial dangers. As an employee, being…

Why Your Workplace Needs a Social Media Policy

25/11/2016 What an employee says and does on social media, including outside work time, can have an adverse effect on the business they work for or the…

Employing “permanent” casuals: what are the benefits and risks for your business?

14/10/2016 Traditionally, a casual employee was an employee who had no guarantee of continuing employment with their employer and whose hours of work were…

Disciplining Employee Out of Hours Behaviour: A Blurred Line

17/06/2016 Not so long ago, there was a clear line between work and play - between conduct at work and employees' private lives, with the latter being none of…

The devil is in the detail: Devil Dog Pty Ltd v Cook [2017] WASC 27 - MDC Legal

27/03/2017 In the recent decision of Devil Dog Pty Ltd v Cook [2017] WASC 27, the Supreme Court of Western Australia granted an interim injunction to prevent a…

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