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Admissibility of Photographic Evidence

05/01/2017 Under the “pictorial testimony” theory, photographic evidence is admissible when a sponsoring witness can testify that it is a fair and accurate…

Introduction to the Act of God Defense

18/08/2017 Perhaps no legal cause of action is more frequently applied or universal than one sounding in negligence. We bring it when another driver damages our…

Liquidated Damages and Limitation of Liability Clauses

27/07/2016 The insured suffers a fire or a break-in at its business and the alarm system fails to activate resulting in thousands of dollars of stolen or damaged…

Using Service by Publication to Serve the Defendant Whose Address is Unknown

24/04/2017 From time to time, we find that some defendants’ addresses cannot be determined, or that a defendant is purposely concealing their whereabouts for the…

Who is the manufacturer

24/05/2016 Ohio Revised Code §2307.71(A)(9) defines a Manufacturer as “a person engaged in a business to design, formulate, produce, create, make, construct…

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