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6 Ways Whistleblowers Can Protect Themselves

15/03/2016 For government agencies and regulators seeking to deter and punish instances of fraud, corruption and other wrongdoing that threaten the public…

6 Whistleblower Don'ts Every Employee Should Know

06/07/2016 If you have blown the whistle on wrongdoing by your employer, there is a wealth of good advice about what you should do if you face retaliation. But…

Tech Companies Settle Age Bias Suits

26/08/2019 Recent settlements of age discrimination suits filed against major tech companies highlight a growing effort in the last few years to combat age…

Victims of Anonymous Online Harassment Suffer Serious Consequences

30/01/2018 With the rise of #MeToo, social media and the internet have been used as a powerful tool for empowering those who have experienced sexual harassment…

Military Cannot Discriminate Against HIV-Positive Servicemembers, Court Rules

02/04/2019 LGBTQ+ advocates recently won a major victory in a lawsuit challenging discrimination in the military on the basis of HIV status. On February 15…

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