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Questions to Ask at a Disciplinary Meeting

29/10/2019 The Disciplinary meeting, or hearing, forms an important stage in a fair and lawful Disciplinary procedure. A Disciplinary meeting should usually be…

Update on Applying for British Citizenship as an EU Citizen

08/01/2016 Most of you may now know that the rules regarding applying for British citizenship as an EU Citizen were amended by the Home Office to include the…

7 ways HR can help employees repatriate

06/03/2016 Multinational organisations often need to deploy employees, particularly highly skilled workers, temporarily overseas to utilise their expertise or…

When does the Tier 2 Cooling Off Period apply?

26/08/2017 The Tier 2 cooling off period applies to Tier 2 migrants seeking UK entry clearance or switching from…

Applying for UK Permanent Residence: How to Complete Form EEA (PR)

12/06/2018 Form EEA (PR) is the document that can be used by European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their direct and extended family when applying for…

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