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Know Your Customer (“KYC”) due diligence best practices

09/07/2015 Financial institutions have a lengthy list of Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements. They face a mountain of risks from a large number of…

AML Risks and Foreign Correspondent Banking

30/05/2016 With the Panama Papers scandal and government promises of continued aggressive AML enforcement, financial institutions face a variety of risks that…

The Demise of Valeant Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study in Rotten Culture and Business Ethics

03/04/2016 Showing my age again, Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run included a hilarious scene when Woody’s parents wearing Groucho Marx glasses talk about…

Who is Responsible for a Company’s Mood in the Middle? - the Wells Fargo Fiasco

26/09/2016 Wells Fargo's cultural tone is not easily segregated between "top," "middle" and "bottom." Despite the recent cross-selling scandal, in which the…

Convergence of Audit and Compliance Functions

28/06/2016 Humans have a tendency to make things more complicated than they really are. To capture the flavor of my sentiment, all you need to do is watch the…

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