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Import of alternative systems of nicotine consumption into Mexico is prohibited

17/12/2021 The president of Mexico recently published in the <i>Federal Official Gazette</i> the decree amending the Tariff of the General Import and Export...

First-step analysis: cryptoasset trading in Mexico

15/12/2020 A Q&A guide to cryptoasset trading in Mexico, including key regulations and restrictions, the legal status of exchanges and tax liabilities.

Green CUFIN: tax incentive for renewable generation companies

26/10/2020 Green Net Tax Profit Accounts (CUFINs) were established in 2016 as a double tax incentive. The effect of a Green CUFIN is deferral of income tax...

Power market war and outlook for 2021

22/02/2021 The year 2020 was one of conflict for the Mexican power sector. This article summarises the government's main attempts to undermine the electricity...

Mexico's new anti-money laundering reporting requirements for foreign crypto platforms

31/08/2021 There has been much discussion about whether foreign cryptocurrency exchanges and other crypto platforms that facilitate transactions with crypto...

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