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Artificial Intelligence (AI): What is it and how does it work?

01/03/2017 The Oxford Dictionary defines Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring…

California kin care amendment effective January 1st, 2016

10/11/2015 On October 11th, 2015 Governor Brown amended California's "kin care" provision (Labor Code section 233), which requires employers to allow employees…

FinTech, InsurTech…. What does this mean and What Can it do for Global Insurers?

03/02/2017 At this stage, I’m sure you’ve heard both FinTech and InsurTech being mentioned across the industry, online and in multiple articles. FinTech stands…

7 ways case management can improve claims processing efficiency

02/12/2015 In respect to disability claims, case management encompasses the coordination of all services on behalf of an individual, who is often considered a…

Honest Belief Can Justify an FMLA Investigation

09/03/2016 In order to defeat an FMLA interference claim, the employer "need not conclusively prove that [the employee] had misused her leave; an honest…

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