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Ninth Circuit rules that home delivery drivers are not independent contractors

17/06/2014 Yesterday the Ninth Circuit issued its opinion in Ruiz v. Affinity Logistics Corp., holding that Affinity Logistics violated California law by…

Who decides “gateway” issues of arbitrability of class/representative claims – a court or an arbitrator?

03/03/2015 Last week, a California Court of Appeal issued a decision that provides important guidance on drafting of employment arbitration agreements. In…

California enacts new laws attacking arbitration and arbitration agreements

01/10/2014 On the last day to sign or veto bills this legislative session, California's Governor signed into law two bills clearly aimed at attacking and…

California Supreme Court grants review in independent contractor misclassification case

03/02/2015 Last week the California Supreme Court granted the employer's petition for review in Dynamex v. Superior Court, an independent contractor…

It pays to sleep on the job in California

08/01/2015 Today the California Supreme Court issued its decision in Mendiola v. CPS Security Solutions, Inc., addressing the issue of whether security guards…

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