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The Saga of the Serbian Banking Market Consolidation

18/07/2018 Société Générale’s most likely departure from Serbia is not going to be the only major news on the Serbian banking market this year. The answer to the…

Serbia in Crypto World - Where Does Serbia Rank on the Map of Crypto-Friendly Jurisdictions?

11/04/2018 The legal nature of crypto-currencies is one of the key burning issues in today’s industry. Nowadays, more and more jurisdictions are regulating the…

Banking Market in Serbia - Outlook for 2017

30/05/2017 Acquisitions of international banks by local buyers since the beginning of 2017 is a good sign for Serbian banking market. Although a small step in…

Emerging Real Estate Market in Serbia

11/08/2017 It is safe to say that Serbia has positioned itself as one of the most significant investment destinations in SEE region, especially attractive for…

Paving its Path to the EU, Serbia is Bound to Join the WTO, As Well

19/04/2017 Bad news for Euro pessimists! Serbia is about to open four new chapters in the negotiation accession process by July 1st. Namely, issues related to…

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