Proportionate liability in contaminated land cases

26/10/2015 In a recent decision in a case concerning the remediation of contaminated land, the Council of State explicitly welcomed the principle of...

Italy welcomes new and improved regulations on waste classification

29/09/2014 More comprehensive rules on waste classification were recently introduced into Italian environmental law. Producers must now properly classify...

Seveso III Directive transposed into law

07/03/2016 The EU Seveso Directive (82/501/EC) was adopted in 1982 following an industrial accident in the Italian town of Seveso. The aim of the directive was…

Acquiring company liable for offences committed by acquired company

04/05/2016 The High Court recently held that in the event of a merger, the new entity resulting from the merger is liable for the offences committed by the...

Seveso III Directive transposed into law

07/03/2016 Decree-Law 105/2015 recently transposed the Seveso III Directive into Italian law. The decree-law makes no substantive changes to existing rules...

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