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`Man-in-the-middle' fraud: How to prevent it, who is at risk, and what to do when it all goes wrong

25/04/2017 What is `man-in-the-middle' fraud? A form of fraud, colloquially known as a `man-in-themiddle' attack, has become increasingly common in recent…

What would Brexit mean for the Brussels I regulation?

20/06/2016 This briefing note explores some of the alternatives to the Brussels I Regime that may be introduced if the UK were to vote to leave the EU. The law…

End of shelf life: The regulatory framework and legal issues involved when decommissioning oil and gas platforms

23/05/2016 The oil and gas industry worldwide is facing the daunting prospect of decommissioning its infrastructure. This is a global issue, affecting…

Diplomatic immunity and human rights

14/05/2021 The Family Division of the High Court has handed down a significant judgment concerning the interaction between the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic…

As good as gold? Investor-state arbitration pays off for Canadian mining company

19/04/2016 On 4 April 2016, the Canadian gold-mining company Crystallex International Corporation secured an arbitral award of US$1.202 billion (plus pre- and…

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