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SAP Ending Support of ERP System in 2025 - Start Migrating to a New System Now

04/05/2021 If your company uses SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, it is about time to start thinking about the future. SAP has announced that it…

Cash pooling arrangements – concentrating group cash flow

07/09/2012 The purpose of cash pooling arrangements, also called group account arrangements in Finland, is to either physically or notionally concentrate a group’s financial transactions onto one account.

Caught between Sanctions and Data Protection— What is a Company to Do?

20/11/2017 Many companies have found themselves in an awkward position with respect to compliance with trade sanctions and data protection legislation…

When Group Companies Compete against Each Other in Public Procurement

20/06/2018 If two companies that are in same group both participate in a public procurement procedure with their own tenders, are they allowed to exchange…

New contract law in Russia, part I

21/07/2015 Russian contract law was substantially amended in 2015. The amendments were not spontaneous but rather the result of a longer process. The Civil Code…

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