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Lower threshold for staying proceedings pending appeal

25/09/2018 Following a recent Court of Appeal decision on staying proceedings pending appeal, the test as to whether a stay ought to be granted under Section 44…

Federal Court maintains wide scope of Companies Act 1965 in oppression cases

02/02/2016 Section 181 of the Companies Act 1956 provides statutory relief for an aggrieved member of a company in case of oppression. While the courts have…

CIPAA: can only advocates qualified under Sabah or Sarawak Advocates Ordinance practise in East Malaysia?

18/05/2021 The governing law of the legal profession differs in Peninsular and East Malaysia. Should a party wish to commence a court action in East Malaysia...

Apex court rules that high court orders and decisions that do not finally dispose of litigants' rights are non-appealable

23/06/2020 Section 67 of the Courts of Judicature Act 1964 sets out the right to appeal in civil suits. However, confusion commonly arises when deciding...

Consequential order: <i>functus officio</i> rule stretched for interest of justice

01/12/2020 The Federal Court recently confirmed that the court is entitled to issue a further order subsequent to its final and perfected judgments or orders...

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