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Patenting natural and organic cosmetics...can it be done?

04/05/2015 Two interesting trends are occurring in the international cosmetics market which, at first glance, seem to be in conflict. The first trend is the…

5 things... to tell your patent attorney when you want a patent

06/08/2012 This is the first in a series of articles of bite sized ideas to help you get the best out of your patent attorney.

Protecting gui designs in Australia: more questions than answers

05/02/2016 Many countries allow graphical user interface (GUI) features to be protected by registered designs. The current position in Australia is not clear…

Look before you leap: seeking to enforce your pharmaceutical patent may lead to unintended consequences

11/01/2016 It may not be just generic manufacturers seeking compensation when their product launch is found to be delayed by an originator wielding what is…

Are Time magazine’s “25 best inventions of the year 2013” patented and does it really matter?

20/12/2013 Conventional wisdom tells us that great inventions and patent protection go hand in hand because that is one way that companies and inventors can…

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