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Applicability of tort of abuse of process in Nigeria

19/07/2022 The tort of abuse of process seeks to strike a balance between access to the court and public policy to safeguard defendants from harassment...

Effects of media interference on administration of justice in Nigeria

03/05/2022 Judicial freedom is fundamental to democratic liberties. Social media has geometrically increased access to information and continues to play a...

Court injunctions in support of arbitration – which law is applicable in Lagos?

19/10/2021 Many take the Arbitration and Conciliation Act (the ACA) as the only law that applies to arbitration applications before the court. However, the...

Due diligence for real estate M&A transactions in Nigeria

17/12/2019 A concise overview of key due diligence considerations for real estate M&A transactions in Nigeria.

Tiered dispute resolution clauses: can courts grant injunctions in support of arbitration before or during negotiations?

14/06/2022 A tiered dispute resolution clause typically allows parties approximately 30-120 days to settle amicably. But a recurrent challenge is how to...

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