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How Do You Authenticate A Text Message During Trial?

17/09/2020 One of the most basic evidentiary issues encountered during court proceedings is the authenticity of a thing presented. In other words, is the thing…

Don’t Expect to See Civil Jury Trials in 2020

29/04/2020 The right to a trial by jury is central to our justice system. The Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution ensures the right to a jury…

Cancelled: Legal Waivers Make Refunds a Long Shot for Covid-19-Related Outdoor Race Cancellations

05/05/2020 As explored in my recent article, the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the 2020 outdoor race season. Athletes…

Debt Collections During COVID-19: State and Local Limitations

30/06/2020 As the global coronavirus pandemic continues, many states and local court systems have implemented new rules on debt collection and post-judgment…

COVID-19 Related Employment Lawsuits On The Rise - What Employers Should Expect and How To Protect Themselves

10/06/2020 Since the COVID-19 crisis began, employers have been faced with a myriad of tough decisions, compounded by rapidly changing state, local and federal…

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