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The Benefits of Incorporating a Testamentary Trust in Your Will

17/05/2019 A trust is a relationship that arises at law under which an entity (trustee) holds property for the benefit of another (beneficiary). A common example…

Offloading Tax Liabilities Between Spouses

05/07/2019 With property division between separated spouses, it has always been the position that the tax liability of one spouse is taken into consideration as…

“As Told by Hassold”: A Tale of Many Wills

07/11/2018 We were instrumental in getting this tale over the line earlier this year and now we take the time to reflect on the work required to ensure the…

Director Identification Number Bill

05/07/2019 The latest advance by the Commonwealth Government in its war against phoenixing (see our articles in our 2018 Spring and Autumn Reports) is the…

Trust Splitting

07/11/2018 Tax lawyers have a propensity for applying slickly phrased euphemisms for sets of procedures known commonly among them…

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