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First interpretation of classification clause in cargo insurance policy

29/06/2011 Two decisions represent the Italian courts' only interpretations of the wording of the Institute Classification Clause. The notion that the cargo...

Exercise of maritime liens on cargo to secure credits for freight and demurrages

24/02/2021 The Civitavecchia Tribunal recently considered a vessel owner's application to exercise a maritime lien on a quantity of coal carried on board the...

Supreme Court interprets ex-works Incoterms clause

16/06/2023 "Incoterms" are internationally recognised standard contractual terms that define the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers in international...

Ship sale and purchase transactions and acquisition of business assets: recent developments

06/05/2020 Italian law includes no specific rules concerning the sale of ships. As such, the general rules on the sale of movable assets apply. However...

Sea Watch 3: can coastal states limit right of innocent passage?

29/01/2020 Can a coastal state prevent a ship from exercising the right of innocent passage into its territorial waters to access one of its ports in a...

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