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Federal Supreme Court rules on use of trademarks on scale models

22/11/2010 The Federal Supreme Court recently ruled that car manufacturer Adam Opel AG could not prohibit the use of its well-known logo on toy cars. The...

Court blocks sale of vintage signs bearing Volkswagen trademarks

28/11/2011 In a recent case the Frankfurt am Main Higher Regional Court had to consider the application of Article 98(1) of the EU Community Trademark...

Freckles on her nose - Pippi Longstocking at the Supreme Court

23/09/2013 The Supreme Court recently denied copyright protection for the advertisement of a Pippi Longstocking costume because only parts of the external...

Supreme Court disarms Zappa family in trademark case

15/10/2012 The Supreme Court ruled that Zappanale, a festival celebrating the music of rock legend Frank Zappa, did not infringe the Community trademark ZAPPA...

Apple's 'slide-to-unlock' patent invalidated in Germany

12/10/2015 The Federal Court of Justice recently affirmed the Federal Patent Court's 2013 decision to declare Apple's notorious 'slide-to-unlock' patent invalid…

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