Auditing in joint stock companies

27/09/2010 The purpose of auditing in joint stock companies is to protect, on the one hand, the company entity, its partners and its creditors, and on the...

Company directors and non-compete agreements

26/04/2011 In order for a transaction that is carried out by a member of a company's board of directors to breach non-compete obligations, it must relate to...

Capital increases under the Commercial Code

16/08/2010 The provisions that apply to capital increases differ depending on whether the company is a public company or a non-public company. The addition of...

The Law on Multi-corporate Enterprises under draft Commercial Code

14/02/2011 The Law on Multi-corporate Enterprises aims to protect subsidiary companies and their shareholders in the event of a conflict of interest between...

Illegal control and liability under the Commercial Code

20/06/2011 The Commercial Code (Law 6102) will enter into force next year. Unlike the existing code, the new code includes arrangements for the regulation of...

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