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Supreme Court decides on res judicata of arbitral awards

09/06/2016 A recent Supreme Court judgment contributed to the debate on the res judicata (binding power) of arbitral awards on other cases. In its January 20…

Time limits in arbitration agreements

17/12/2015 High thresholds for proceedings set in arbitration agreements, such as short time limits, can have serious consequences, including the loss of an…

ICC award set aside due to irregularities in arbitrator's appointment

21/12/2017 Cases in which an arbitrator must be appointed on behalf of a party have long been problematic. The French Supreme Court in Siemens v Dutco underlined…

Importance of expert opinion for proceedings

07/06/2022 In Polish civil procedure, the court may summon one or more experts to give their opinion in cases requiring special knowledge. The role of an...

Unfair arbitration clause declared invalid

27/04/2017 Mass contracts are usually drafted favourably only for the stronger party in the contractual relationship. This particularly pertains to dispute…

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