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Autodesk audits: How did Autodesk know to audit you and what to do now?

08/10/2018 Facing a software audit is a daunting process, which takes time, money, and resources to complete. Typically, the first question the target of an…

Negotiating Software Contracts - Successfully Negotiating a Warranty Section

13/05/2016 A warranty is one of the most important contract provisions in a software contract. The warranty section deals with the performance of the software…

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement vs. Enterprise Subscription

06/09/2011 Microsoft has long offered the Enterprise Agreement (or, “EA”), a licensing scheme for organizations with 250 or more desktops that consists of a three-year term providing free software upgrades during the term of the agreement and a perpetual license for the software at the expiration of the agreement

A global definition for software “hosting”

29/06/2012 I previously have discussed what "commercial hosting" means when it comes to Microsoft software, but the universe of problems created by the "hosting" ambiguity obviously is bigger than just Microsoft.

Negotiating Software Contracts - Successfully Negotiating an Indemnification Section (Part 2 & 3 of 3)

12/09/2016 In a previous blog, I spoke about what an indemnification provision is and how it operates. In this blog, I will discuss questions that licensors and…

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