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The IP Challenge in Patents For Repurposed Drugs and DRPx products

04/08/2019 Drug repurposing has been around for centuries. However, a recent report shows that in the last few years, Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue…

Insight on Patent Marking

16/06/2019 Patent Marking is accomplished by labelling a manufactured product and/or its packaging, protected by patents(s), with patent identification…

Extended Copyright Liability to Tech Giants Google & Facebook Following the European Copyright Reform

19/05/2019 The European Council recently approved the new copyright directive that updates the current Copyright Law within the European union (Directive of The…

Conducting a Clinical Trial? you should contact your Patent Attorney

03/07/2019 A few days ago I received an e-mail from one of our clients saying " Dear Jacob, we are about to present our clinical study results in two weeks from…

European Board of Appeals: Plants Obtained by Essentially Biological Processes Are Patentable Implications to Cannabis

03/04/2019 The European Technical Board of Appeals recently released its decision in Case No. T1063/18 regarding the patentability of plants produced by…

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