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Repayment of loans from a relative when they die

28/08/2019 Family and friends often make loans to each other to provide financial assistance when they need it. If the lender dies prior to the repayment of the…

How businesses can go about recovering debt from former employees

05/05/2017 Once a person has left a place of work, it seems they are no longer beholden to their former employer and beyond the reach of the powers that be…

How far back can an employee claim back pay for?

10/07/2018 Unlawful deductions from wages claims are in the news and can arise in a variety of ways including: a shortfall in holiday pay; or a failure to pay…

Keep Calm - The GDPR is coming!

11/01/2018 Discussion about GDPR is currently everywhere, in numerous industry press releases, in newspapers, even at networking lunches! It seems you can hardly…

How Will Brexit Affect Debt Recovery in the UK?

16/08/2016 We are currently still in a lot of unknown territory; so how will our exit from the EU affect Debts here in the UK, in Europe and in other countries…

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