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First steps towards the regulated carbon credits market - highlights of Decree No. 11,075/2022

01/07/2022 After much anticipation, a decree on the longawaited topic was formalized at the Global Carbon Market Congress, which ended last June in Rio de…

Brazilian Patent Term of Protection - Clarifications and Updates

01/07/2022 A little more than one year after the Supreme Court decision on the unconstitutionality of the sole Paragraph of article 40 of the Brazilian…

International Industrial Property Contracts - Changes from the New Foreign Exchange Law enters into force on December, 2022

01/07/2022 On December 30, 2021, it was published Law No. 14,286 (“Law No. 14,286/2021”), which provides for the Brazilian foreign exchange market, Brazilian…

Green hydrogen: the future protagonist of the Brazilian energy matrix

01/07/2022 At a time when all attention is focused on the regulation of the carbon credit market, due to the Global Carbon Market Congress that took place from…

Propriedade Intelectual - Como definir uma estratégia para integrar o metaverso de forma segura para seus negócios

06/07/2022 Se antigamente a ideia de mundos paralelos e interação virtual estava restrita aos filmes de ficção científica, hoje ela permeia nosso cotidiano e…

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