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Waivers of subrogation: when a waiver is not a waiver

25/10/2016 Subrogation - an insurer's right to 'step into the shoes' of its insured and assert the rights of the substituted party - is a fundamental principle…

Waivers of subrogation: when a waiver is not a waiver

25/10/2016 Waivers of subrogation technically involve two separate contracts: a waiver clause that is part of the agreement between the insured and a third...

Discovery in coverage and bad-faith litigation: are courts permitting more invasive discovery?

23/02/2016 This update examines how the protections afforded to insurers by attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine have been challenged and…

Subrogation in professional liability policies: the 'made whole' doctrine

17/09/2013 Subrogation takes place when an insurer 'steps in the shoes' of its insured in order to pursue recovery from third parties that are legally...

Related acts provisions in professional liability policies

07/02/2017 Insurance policy provisions concerning 'related' acts are frequently found in professional liability and various claims-made policies.

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