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What is Originalism/Textualism?

15/02/2016 Justice Scalia called his judicial approach to the Constitution “originalism” or “textualism”. The idea of Originalism/Textualism is that the…

Sexual Assaults and Defamation Litigation - An Emerging Trend

22/01/2020 I saw an interesting piece in The New York Times earlier this month. The gist of it is that women and men are increasingly using defamation suits to…

Ranting Rapaport No Match for Barstool Sports’ “El Presidente” Dave Portnoy

06/04/2021 In a 64-page decision (click here to see), the Hon. Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald laid into former Barstool Sports video “rant” host, Michael Rapaport…

Failing to File Form 5500 Just Became More Costly

06/01/2020 Changes have been made to the penalties that may be assessed against employers since our last article on Form 5500 filings. As a reminder, Form 5500…

Cute kid / ugly court fight

14/10/2013 How could this incredibly cute YouTube video land a family in court? When it becomes the subject of a copyright battle. For those hard hearted souls…

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