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Florida Will Permit ARNPs and PAs to Prescribe Controlled Substances

27/04/2016 The Governor of Florida recently signed legislation that will permit advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) and physician assistants (PAs)…

If You Cancel Your Wedding Reception Can You Get Your Money Back From The Venue? (Or, When Is A Liquidated Damage Clause Enforceable?)

22/03/2017 In the past, I have written about engagements gone wrong, including a case involving a failed (alleged) engagement and the return of a (purported)…

Frau Blucher A/K/A the real housekeepers of Germany

08/06/2015 Young Frankenstein is a classic movie and one of my all time favorites. One of the running jokes in the movie involves Frau Blucher, the housekeeper…

Back to Basics: Personal Guaranty Not Enforceable Without Consideration

21/06/2016 Sometimes the most basic things can cause the biggest problems. One of the first lessons learned in the first year of law school is that a valid…

Successor liability: the right and wrong way to assert it.

20/03/2014 What recourse is there for a plaintiff seeking to recover a debt when the defendant goes bankrupt during suit, and its owner commences operating…

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