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Non-Compete and Trade Secret Law in Utah: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t Changed and How to Prepare for What’s Ahead

29/11/2017 The general rule in the United States has historically permitted non-competition agreements when they are reasonable in time and geographic scope…

Nevada Supreme Court Affirms That Non-Compete Agreements Must be Limited in Geographical Scope

06/08/2018 Although rules against broad geographic restrictions in non-compete agreements may be outmoded or “hopelessly antiquated” in this digital age (see…

Politics in the Workplace: Do NFL Players Have Freedom of Speech to Protest at Games?

28/09/2017 It’s nearly impossible to turn on the TV and not hear something about the NFL player protests and whether such actions are protected speech under the…

Frustration of Purpose and Impracticability of Contracts Due to COVID-19

30/03/2020 With non-essential businesses in many states either closed or operating in a limited capacity due to COVID-19, many companies are unable to perform…

You Can't Ask This: The Spread of Salary History Bans and What It Means for Employers

19/02/2020 A growing number of state and local governments across the country are enacting laws that limit employers’ ability to ask about or consider…

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